Product FAQ

Dreamcatcher Cork Yoga Mat

Is the cork yoga mat suitable for all yoga styles?

Our cork mats are truly versatile and will suit any yoga practice. The standard 3mm thick mat is suitable for all styles of yoga including Bikram and Hot Yoga.

How long does the cork yoga mat last?

Our cork yoga mats will last at least 2 years. We've found the following measures ensure longevity of our cork yoga mats:

  • Avoid excessive outdoor use, particularly on uneven, rocky surfaces
  • Use indoors on a flat surface
  • Avoid wearing jewellery while practicing
  • Weekly light wipe up with diluted vinegar (varies on how often you use it)
  • No dirty feet (this may stain the cork natural light colour)
  • Store away (rolled up or flat) when not in use to avoid it potentially getting dirty;  anyone stepping on it or pets making it their bed
  • Do not crease the mat

What are the mats made of?

Our products are made with natural rubber and recycled cork. The cork layer is fused with the natural tree rubber base and the mat contains no PVC, PER, TPE or adhesives.

Is the cork surface slippery?

Everyone is different however that is what most of customers love about our yoga mats; they don't slip. Cork provides a steady stable surface and the grip improves the more you sweat. For extra grip sprinkle water on your mat where your hands and feet go before practice.

Will the cork crack?

The cork is a thin layer pressed into a fabric which allows maximum flexibility and will not crack. 

Where are your products made?

The cork is sourced from Portugal and the mats are made in China. All our other products are sourced and made in India.

Why aren't your products made in the USA?

We would love to support a local company. We were unable to find a supplier to produce the mats as per our specifications. Factories we approached did not have the capability to make our products without PVC, TPE, PER or adhesives, which are found in most conventional yoga mats - and which we wanted to avoid at all costs! If you know of a company who could manufacture these locally please get in touch.